Gund Service + Commerce GmbH

GUND SERVICE + COMMERCE GMBH is established at Walzbachtal (near Karlsruhe, Germany) and its main objective is to import raw materials and commercial goods from the food area of Mexico and Latin America to be distributed in Europe. Managing directors are Marisela de Gund and Dr. Heinz-Joachim Gund.

The company was founded in 2010 resulting from COMLAT EUROPE which was established in Germany in 2003. Previously in 1997 COMLAT MEXICO was founded in order to export and import food ingredients from / to Mexico.

The brand name COMLAT means “Comercio Latino” as the company’s target is to trade with countries and companies in Latin America. It is associated with COMLAT INC. in San Antonio, Texas, USA, a food broker which trades mainly with the Mexican food market including the well known “Central de Abastos” (Central Market) in Mexico City as well as the most important supermarket stores.

GUND SERVICE + COMMERCE GMBH serves as representative of IMPULSO ORGÁNICO MEXICANO, the Mexican organization of organic producers, for Germany and Europe. Its task is to promote raw materials and commercial food articles of the associated Mexican companies. GUND SERVICE + COMMERCE GMBH carries out importing and distribution of the different organic products in Europe.


GUND SERVICE+COMMERCE GMBH offers its service as organic importer of organic food products and raw materials into the EU. It holds an organic importer licence by Ecocert IMO GmbH DE-ÍKO-005


GUND SERVICE + COMMERCE GMBH imports and distributes from its warehouse to Germany and other countries in Europe several products of organic origin such as:




    • Aloe vera raw materials: juices and gels, concentrates, powders freeze and spray dried. Products are designed for the food (i.e. beverages and dairy) and cosmetics industries as well as to direct sellers
    • Products of the Blue Agave, i.e agave syrup and inulin
    • Vanilla beans, extract and agave nectar (syrup) with vanilla
    • Habanero chilli raw materials, i.e. powder and paste of fresh fruits
    • Jalapeño chilli paste
    • Sea salt from the Pacific Ocean, i.e. “flor de sal”
    • Cocnut products, i.e. coconut water, coconut oil, dried coconut
    • Tropical and subtropical dried fruits, i.e. mango, pineapple, papaya, and vegetables




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